Smart Zone Strategy for Exterior Design

20 February, 2021

Exterior Design

An excellent project starts with excellent drawings and after its construction process. we provide a good range of services from the initial drawings to finish handling over. Today our architect designs are significantly in demand in India due to our creativity, style, and timely completion of each project. it's vital to find out your preferred architectural designs from the varied options starting from Modern, Contemporary, Traditional. The materials used are often determined by the overall kind of the house. Our highly skilled designers also can assist you to choose the designs that best fit your taste and it's a reasonable price.

Stages in Exterior design creation

First, it's essential to define the planning. For this, our designers will ask you about the design of your building and your budget. then, all the required measurements are going to be taken. The subsequent phase is the development of the architectural design. it includes the subsequent elements:

  • The plan of the building.
  • Plan of engineering communications.
  • Composite map of the decoration material.

How important is the exterior of your villa or Apartment? We all understand that the residential buildings are estimated visually. In this case, its shape, color, and incredible features determine its perception. We have expertise in doing a variety of designs from modern to contemporary, from Traditional to the Mediterranean. The materials which we use are determined by the style and design of the house. At Smart Zone, we have highly skilled designers which will help you to decide designs that suit you best at an affordable price.

With our specialized computer programs and a team of experts, we are going to create 3D projects for you to look at and choose from. At another level, we'll do 3D sketches done by your choice. At Smart Zone, we are hooked into your home. We are experts in choosing the proper sliding doors, windows, and colors which create a stunning effect.

We all are well trained and qualified to perform high-quality finishing work. We all own traditional and innovative ideas and technologies, work in compliance with building codes and fire prevention rules.

The next stage includes the leading Architectural design. This is done by your choice of decorative elements in the 3D sketches. At Smart Zone, We are passionate about applying innovative ideas. We are an expert in choosing the right sliding doors, Windows, colors which creates a dazzling effect. At Smart Zone take care of the needs and requirements of the customers.