Interior Design

We are one of the simplest Interior design companies in India. Our team is devoted to delivering its best to the purchasers. We have a group of experienced, qualified, design, and execution teams to handle all types of interior design jobs. As an architectural design studio, we treat every design as unique. Before planning an indoor design it's very crucial to know your requirements. supporting the customer’s requirements our Interior design consultants will take time to form concept designs and drawings to make sure that our clients can visualize their requirements before starting the work. We also do commercial interior design and office interior design.

The design stage complexity varies counting on either starting out a replacement project or doing a renovation of an existing office, home, or workplace. Initially, you ought to do preliminary research of your requirement sticking to your budget. We do interior design for the office, interior design for the home, Interior design for the front room, Interior design for Kitchen. Secondly, you want to develop the simplest interior design brief for your project which can help with requirements A detailed drawing showing all the measurements as per agreed space planning and interior design requirements. It’s preferable to offer two or more options to the clients. Floor and ceiling plan alongside material specifications. Light and power plan as per requirements, this could include types, sort of lights, power distributions, and kinds of sockets.

Space Planning

We plan spaces to satisfy the requests and needs of the clients by allocation and division of the available area whether it's residential or commercial. Space planning is the key to interior design. It starts with an in-detailed analysis of how space should be used. The architect then draws up a thought that defines the zones of the space. the design will include details of furniture, equipment, and hardware placement.

Exterior design

An excellent project starts with excellent drawings and after its construction process. we provide a good range of services from the initial drawings to finish handling over. Today our architect designs are significantly in demand in India due to our creativity, style, and timely completion of each project. it's vital to find out your preferred architectural designs from the varied options starting from Modern, Contemporary, Traditional. The materials used are often determined by the overall kind of the house. Our highly skilled designers also can assist you to choose the designs that best fit your taste and it's a reasonable price.

Stages in Exterior design creation

First, it's essential to define the planning. For this, our designers will ask you about the design of your building and your budget. then, all the required measurements are going to be taken. The subsequent phase is the development of the architectural design. it includes the subsequent elements:

  • The plan of the building.
  • Plan of engineering communications.
  • Composite map of the decoration material

With our specialized computer programs and a team of experts, we are going to create 3D projects for you to look at and choose from. At another level, we'll do 3D sketches done by your choice. At Smart Zone, we are hooked into your home. We are experts in choosing the proper sliding doors, windows, and colors which create a stunning effect.

Elevation Design

We also provide elevation designs for our clients. The elevation design of the house refers to “entry elevation”.the front elevation of the house shows features like doors, windows, porch, and any items that protrude from the house, like side porches or chimneys. We also design small house front elevation design.

Farmhouse Plans

We provide modern farmhouse plans. Modern Farmhouses are getting very fashionable lately. Usually, they need sleek lines, large windows, and open layouts. farmhouse plans are usually two stories with many spaces upstairs for the bedroom.

Commercial Plans

Commercial plans are generally focused on combining function with style to satisfy corporate and commercial needs. This covers a huge area like multiple housing projects, retail developments, student accommodation, corporate offices, commercial units, healthcare facilities, industrial units. Our team offers experience in many various sorts of commercial work, considering environmental sustainability, and exploring out of the box.

Vastu Consultation

We offer Vastu Consultation for interior also as exterior designs to our clients. We have a team of experts and that they do Vastu shastra Plan As we all know, Vastu planning is extremely important. Vastu shastra deals with four sorts of spaces-space within the human form, constructed space, terrestrial space, and cosmic space. Vastu shastra ideas which we use are beneficial to the body and mind.

Building Facade designing

At Smart Zone, we are hooked into demonstrating how modern architecture and buildings utilize facades to utilize building designs. While designing, we confirm it's high performing by maintaining good daylight levels, minimizing glare, and reducing energy use. we offer our services for several architects and designers to convert their imagination to 3D models with natural lighting effects.

Turnkey Projects

We offer turnkey solutions to our clients. Our project is controlled by highly experienced associates from the initial to the ultimate stage. Hence, we are designed to figure within the timeframes, while remaining faithful to our commitment to deliver expertly planned services.


We design the landscapes converting the outdoor space into practical and aesthetic space that compliments the gorgeous residential interiors. We also provide 3D landscaping design. Landscaping can change an atmosphere by combining aesthetics, nature, and culture.

Project Management

At Smart Zone, we have got a team of dedicated and driven project managers who are capable of completing any task to high standards. Get in-tuned with India’s one among the simplest architect Studio, Smart Zone.
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